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New moom pdf

Overview of The New Moon PDF

The new moon pdf is a heart-breaking story of Edward and Bella and is an impressive novel for readers of all ages. Here is a brief description of the moon pdf.

New moons open up where Twilight left off. Edward and Bella are together. James is dead. Everything is normal. The one different thing is bell’s birthday. She is officially turning 18, and she is pissed and one year old than Edward. Bella has a paper cut and loses control. Edward, Emmet and Carlisle try to keep Jesper at bay, but he has to leave. Bella gets pushed into a table and is now bleeding profusely from her arm because the table was made up of glass.

Now Edward is acting weird because Bella is never going to be safe. Sixty-eight pages into the book, and your heart is breaking. Edward is trying to break up with Bella. He is pretty resilient and is hard-headed. She has to live alone because the vampire dats out of the woods, leaving her alone.

Her father, Charlie being the cap, finds out that she is not living in home and dark now. No one knows where she is. He calls the whole search party to find Bella. Meanwhile, he has been crying on the floor for hours after seeing Edwards, but he is legitimately gone, and Bella falls into depression.

When Edwards returned and reentered Bella’s life, there came a turn in the story. This novel New Moon is actually about fake relationships and heart-breaking. For enjoying the full book, download New Moon in pdf.

Short Overview

Full NameNew Moon
AuthorStephenie Meyer
Book FormatHardcover
Number Of Pages587 pages
First Published inSeptember 6th 2006
Latest EditionSeptember 6th 2006
SeriesTwilight #2
Main CharactersEdward Cullen, Jacob Black, Bella Swan, Billy Black, Esme Cullen
Formatsaudible mp3, ePUB(Android), kindle, and audiobook

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