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Download The 5th Wave pdf

The 5th Wave PDF is one of the most classifying books for young adults is now available in pdf form. Download The 5th Wave PDF and enjoy the readings.

The 5th Wave PDF Review

This series is a young adult, classifying it as a post-apocalyptic survival genre. It is about an alien invasion that has taken over the earth. The aliens are slowly killing off all the humans, and there have been different ways of attack; so far, we’re following a group of survivors who are gearing up for what the 5th wave, the 5th attack, might be.

This world is complicated because the fourth wave of attack was where the aliens put alien beings into human bodies. You can’t tell humans apart from aliens anymore, so who can you trust in this type of world.

I want to briefly talk about the writings, the characters, and the plot. It’s is not flowery writing. It’s not super metaphorical or anything like that. One thing I noticed about Yancey’s writing is that he writes the voices of each character with different tenses. So far instance Cassie mostly writes in first-person point of view, past tense. However, the nature of Zombie narrates in first-person point of view, present tense. And we also have a couple of characters in third-person points of view instead of being one telling the story. So yance did kind of play around with narration styles, and I feel like he did this to distinguish each character.

As far as characters, there are five main characters, but we have only two points of view in this book. We have Cassie point of view. She is an alone survivor. She survived the first four waves of alien attacks with her father and brother, and when the story starts, she is all alone, and we get some flashbacks of her telling of what happened to her father and brother, and she is just trying to survive on her own in the wood.

Who can she trust when she comes across other people? When she gets injured, can she survive on her own? And she is on a mission to find her little brother and figure out what is going on.

The other main point of view we have in the first book is from a character whose nickname is Zombie. At this military base, he trains these young kids and teenagers to the resistance against alien attacks. And the military has inside information on the aliens.

So Zombie as a character gives us this an insider point of view. He also knows a lot more about what’s going on- or he thinks he knows a lot more about what’s going on the Cassie does, and she has no idea; she’s like on her own, doesn’t know what’s happening. And of course, these two storylines do connect in some ways, and there are some other characters that both Zombie and Cassie meet along with the view and eventually, we get points of view from those characters in the book two and three.

I did love Cassie, who is my favourite character. She is the reason I love the story in the first place because she is the point of view that the first book opens up with, and it has multiple points of sight until I got that first section breaks and was like, who is the other character.

Many twists, turns, and curves happen along the way as you’re finding out more about the aliens, but in my opinion, the first book is excellent, but the last book is an incredible finale.

I liked the plot of the last book as it was very action-packed, the characters were actually toward the goal that they had been planning all along, and it didn’t seem like anything was a cope out at the end of the series. In my opinion, the second part was weak. It was just a bridge so that you could see what had happened after the events of book one and then kind of gear up for where the series was going to go in the end.

So like I said, the aliens were inserting themselves into some human bodies, and so through some of these are learning what it is to be human. Like, humans have emotions. Humans have a lot of care for each other. And so that to me is just like a perspective that I love reading about. It makes me appreciate things that I take for granted, so when a book can capture, like seeing humanity from an outside perspective, this is just a theme that I love seeing explored because it puts me in touch with what it is to be human.

So I do think that if you like survival stories or stories that put into perspective the human experience, this is a series that you would be interested in. I would recommend it myself. I’m happy that I’ve read it and seen it the whole way through. If you have not read the series, I suggest you download it and enjoy it by reading it yourself.

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