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Full NameFahrenheit 451
AuthorRay Bradbury
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Paperback249 pages
Best Sellers Rank#219 in Books
PDF LinkAvailable
Fahrenheit 451 pdf

Fahrenheit 451 PDF

Fahrenheit 451 Pdf is one of the most famous books of all time and was written by Ray Bradbury. It all begins when we are shown a visualization of how boring life had become for Guy Montag.

It has been translated into different languages and is available for download. You can download Fahrenheit 451 in pdf format from the end of the article.

The author told us about his dystopian world, where nothing in this world is more important than information. He paints a portrait of our perfect futuristic society where everyone has what they need to be happy; knowledge, happiness, and permanence.

So he takes the common dilemma, Knowing knowledge will transform humankind into something unrecognizable. Instead, people are encouraged not to think but rather be swayed by mindless producers who have become the norm for their society.

Montag can no longer acknowledge what he is doing as wrong because, in his eyes, it is correct. After all, he knows it makes everybody happy.

The book is a chilling, powerful novel of a super-patriotic, near-future American society where’ firemen’ burn books.’

In this dystopian novel, the protagonist is a citizen of a society not too distant from our own, who suffers under an authoritarian, hegemonic state.

This book accounts for man’s futile yearnings for the good things in life and the ultimate futility and unsustainable nature of such desires.

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