Fifty Shades of Grey PDF (E. L. James)

Fifty Shades of Gray pdf

This book is written by E. L. James who is New York Times #1 bestseller as being “in a class by itself.” Fifty Shades of Grey are now available in pdf form. You can download it.

I have read the book and watched the movie. The first thing that I loved about the book is the name selection as for writers it is hard to come up with a real name that suits that character and Anastico Steel is beautiful, political, poetic and Christian Grey especially to come up with names with powerful characters in your book is very hard Christine Bray seems like the CEO of this major corporation. It seems very believable.

The love between these two people doesn’t seem like a plot to me. It seems like it’s is based on a real incident which is not true because she has just come up with this story. So it means she is not very deep dive into human psychology to find out what makes a person do certain things and lives.

If we look at Anastacio Steve’s she’s a very insecure woman as her mother had to remarry over and over again so she’s not really confident about her abilities or even her physical appearance which seems very believable. I’ve seen this phenomenon with a lot of women and most of them are not comfortable or extremely confident to say that I’m very pretty and all these guys ever I get attracted to me. That’s how women generally react. This book is extremely popular among woman readers.

Full NameFifty Shades of Grey
AuthorE. L. James
PublisherBloom Books
Best Sellers Rank#1,712 in Kindle Store
PDF LinkAvailable

How to Download Fifty Shades of Grey PDF?

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