Hacking: The Art of Exploitation PDF

PDF TitleHacking: The Art of Exploitation
book edition2nd Edition
Total Page488 Pages
AuthorJon Erickson
PDF Size4.3 MB
Publisher No Starch Press; 2nd edition
Best Sellers Rank#18,827 in Books
PDF LinkAvailable
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation PDF

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation PDF was a groundbreaking book for its time. Originally written by hacker figured and Jon Erickson, it is now accepted as an essential text by people who are interested in hacking or computer security as a whole.

This book is written by Jon Erickson, is a book many consider a CS101. This classic text has been around for 16 years. In an effort to cover essential hacking topics, the book introduces binary realm and operating system internals like networking, trojans and social engineering.

Hackers also employ other tools as well (location-based programs, VMS emulators [e.g., UUencoded and PKicked files, ANONYMIZERS], debuggers).

This book is considered among the top 5 books in computer science and is still relevant in 2022. This book is not recommended for beginners. This book very effectively explains and demonstrates the low-level mechanics of exploits.

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