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If you want a good creepy read, and you don’t want to know going anything into it I would recommend house of leaves pdf. It is the joint tomb of a book. The story is about it is a frame and narrative, so it is a story within a story. There is a tattoo artist assistant named Johny Truant. He is living in LA and old blind named Zambo. He passes away and when Johny goes into his room, he comes across these manuscripts that the blind mind has written. A download link is given at the end of the article.

What Zambo has written in one word is a dissertation about a documentary called Navin Sin. There is essentially a documentary shot sort of Blair witch style about the family that moved into a small country home in Virginia. Davidson is a small photographer and his wife is a former model they moved into a home with her children to reunite and come together more as a family.

When they moved into the home. Davidson recognizes that inside of the home is slightly larger than the outside. For much of the story, he is hiring and investigating and going deeper into the home. The way in which a story is written is anything that’s in sort of typewriter font. I absolutely fell in love with Johny Truant as he was equally funny as he was dark and so surprisingly clever, witty and funny.

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Full NameHouse Of Leaves
ISBN-10 0375703764
Best Sellers Rank#1,476 in Books
Total Page740 Pages
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