Japanese From Zero PDF Free Download

Japanese From Zero PDF Free Download


Japanese From Zero PDF Free Download

At the end of this article, you will find a pdf download link to a book that will teach you how to learn the Japanese language from zero.

Japanese From Zero PDF is written by George Trombly introduction to the Japanese language and it starts with the basics of Japanese, or hiragana.

Overview of Book

The first part of this book is dedicated to teaching the reader hiragana, which are the basic alphabets used in Japanese.

The author of this book takes a very approachable and easy to use approach, different from other similar books.

When you open the book, it has content pages like no other book has. It has three introductory lessons in the number of four. Japanese from Zero PDF teaches you a little about the pronunciation and writing system of the Japenese Language. You also learn about numbers, phrases and kind of beginner stuff.

After these pre lessons, this book has 13 lessons. These lessons have a similar structure and start with the objectives. Then you will find new words that will use in upcoming lessons. In the end, you will find some new phrases and have a grandma explanation. Q&A season is also included in it.

This book is quite well designed because it shows you how to draw the characters. The author shows you various styles and different fonts for each of the characters. You will also get some pages to practice the writing.

It is mostly based on communications. In the end, it has appendices which are important because it contains the corrections of all the activities.

The first thing which is good about this book is the content itself. The order in which things are told is impressive. The grammar is very clear and concise. Writing Practice is also included which is one of the best approaches because Japanese characters at the beginning are quite difficult. Talking about hiragana and kanji is good but the characters at the start are tough.

PUBLISHERYesJapan Corporation
TitleJapanese From Zero
GENRESChildren’s Foreign Language Books, Languages Books, Language Teaching & Learning Material &am
AUTHORSGeorge Trombley , Yukari Takenaka
338 pages
TAGSChildren’s Foreign Language Books, Languages Books, Language Teaching & Learning Material &am, Free Download, PDF Download

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