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Kafka on the Shore is written by Haruki Murakami, the best well-known author for writing outclass novels. He belongs to Japan. Kafka On The Shore is now available in pdf. This novel explains the story of 15 years old man. He runs away from home to escape an awful prophecy on his fifteenth birthday.

Full Name Kafka on the Shore
AuthorHaruki Murakami
PublisherKnopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Published DateJanuary 3, 2006
Best Sellers Rank#5,054
Average Rating4.5
PDF LinkAvailable
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For Downloading this book, click on the download button, and the text in pdf form will be in your desk storage. Read and enjoy.Overview of Kafka on the Shore.

Overview of Kafka On the Shore PDF

This is the story of a boy whose real name is missing. And he has given himself a name, Kafka. With the boy’s novel, A parallel story is going on whose main character is Nakata. Nakata has a specialty that he likes cats. Kafka left his life to escape an awful prophecy his father had given him.

Now, look at his mind. So no one could call him fugitive he takes a very bag. He decides to go to any warm place not to carry multiple languages. When Kafka leaves home, he remembers a dark place. Kafka gets on a bus bound for Shikoku in Western Japan.

Kafka on the Shore was first time published in 2003 in Japanese. The author Haruki Murakami genuinely told imaginative stories. He grew up during the Second World War. He personally liked cats, and that’s why those cats are part of his writing.

On the other hand, the character of the parallel story Nakata is a simple and illiterate disabled person. This Nakata has lost his memory in 1944. Now he spends most of his time finding the lost cats because he thinks he has a skill that helps.

At the start, this story looks highly complicated and confusing. As the story progresses, Fish fall from the sky. Cats talk. Ghosts come. And there is a murder.

You may find some scenes in this story disturbing or erotic. But I will keep trying to explain it well.

You may find some scenes in this story disturbing or erotic. But I will keep trying to explain it well. The story begins with fifteen-year-old Kafka Tamura trying to escape from his home. He is sitting with a crow(A hypothetical character) in the study room of his dad. Kafka is nervous. Sitting next to him, the crow is urging bravery. And crow says to Him that He should have enough money. At the same time, he(Crow) warns that he(Kafka) will face a storm. He will face a battery he cannot escape because this storm is in himself.

Kafka has decided that he will escape from home travel to a distant city and “ll spend his life in a small library. After that, he will be a different type of person. As Kafka looks like a fifteen-year-old teenager, his life is not like a teenager’s. At a very young age, he has spent most of his time in the workout to be strong physically so that he looked older.

He spends most of his time reading, escaping from his father’s eye, and ignoring his same-age fellows. He accepts in his consciousness that he will run away from home. He says to crow that he has some dark omen from his parents in inheritance. He will never escape from that dark omen, no matter how hard he tries.

Before leaving his home, he takes some money, a cell phone, and a knife. He also keeps an old picture of his sister in his bag. This image always fills him with questions.

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