Man’s Search For Meaning PDF By Viktor E. Frankl

PDF TitleMan’s Search for Meaning
Total Page98 Pages
AuthorViktor E. Frankl
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Publisher  Beacon Press; 1st edition 
ISBN-13 ‏978-0807014271
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Man’s Search For Meaning PDF

Man’s Search for Meaning PDF is about holocaust prisoners. It talks about the prisoner’s mental, physical, and spiritual state, which is a horrifying thing to read about, but Victor Frankles takes a fascinating angle as someone in the concentration camps, just like a prisoner. This book is divided into two sections.

The first section is about Viktor Frankle psychologically analyzing the prisoners in the Holocaust camp as he is also an analyzer.

In the second part of the book, he talks about logotherapy which shows that it is not an idea of power or pleasure that motivates us to move forward in our lives. But instead, it is striving for meaning that drives us, which encourages us to make it through and figure it out until we wake up every morning.

It is the idea of wanting to know what your life is about and the purpose of life. The second part of stories breaks down all different categories and logotherapy. He talks about exiting and the meaning of interaction, love and suffering.

The reading experience is an interesting one because the tone and meaning of the book are optimistic about finding the slight glimmer of light in dark situations. Moreover, the author used a very enlightening manner to describe what he is experiencing mentally in analysing all of these people.

There is no dialogue in this book. The overall tone of the book is very enlightening and educational.

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