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The Disciplined Trader pdf

The Disciplined Trader is the first book written by Mark Douglas, covering all the aspects of trading. This is because the author is called the guru of trading. His other book, trading in a zone pdf, is as famous as this. All the focus is on the psychology of trading. A download link to the book The Disciplined Trader is given at the end of the article.

About The Disciplined Trader PDF

The Disciplined Trader pdf is about the psychology of a successful trader and their thinking. The author studies and explains why most traders failed and couldn’t maintain their equity in the market. He also shares unique conclusions on how to change the average mindset. He emphasizes in this book how emotions kill trading.

It is the first book of Mark Douglas published in the 1990s. In this book, the author tells us about his strategy: if you want to be successful in the stock market, it’s about 80% psychological and only about 20% methodological. Your decision-making method is secondary to your ability to manage your emotions, focus, discipline, and attitude.

This book talks about managing yourself in the heat of the moment. Trading can be an emotional roller coaster if you don’t handle yourself. You can not make hard decisions if you don’t know how to control your emotions when you freeze up because of fear. The Disciplined Trader pdf talks a lot about the psychological elements of trading.

In the beginning, the sentences are slightly extended, and the book is confusing. Overall this is one of the best books written by Mark Douglas.


Full NameThe Disciplined Trader
AuthorMark Douglas
PublisherNew York Institute of Finance
ISBN-13 978-0132157575
Best Sellers Rank#13,940 in Books
PDF LinkAvailable

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