The Four Agreements PDF By Don Miguel Ruiz

PDF TitleThe Four Agreements
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AuthorMiguel Ruiz
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the four agreements pdf

About The Four Agreements PDF

The Four Agreements PDF is an instructive and insightful book by Don Miguel Ruiz to break limiting limitations from our past.

This book is a powerful source of codified spirituality that translates Maori wisdom into traditional Toltec knowledge. It offers a refreshing examination of personal responsibility to live life on your terms. “The Four Agreements” is worth reading to extract ideas toward living creatively in today’s world.

This guide has been a source of inspiration and guidance for millions of people over many years. The goal is to free oneself from all negative beliefs and live a life filled with happiness.

The Four Agreements is a book that acts as advice and guidebook.

Moreover, the Four Agreements is a series of talking points that one should keep in mind when interacting with others.

What many readers like about the book is the way its teachings are easy to enact and understand. It helps impatient readers put their philosophies into practice quickly

Lessons from The Four Agreements

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Speak with honesty.
  • Without lying or saying words that you do not mean.
  • Avoid gossip, slander, or another hurtful talk.
  • Use only words that help express gratitude and love.

In this agreement, you are always committed to having a truthful tongue and never using your powers for deceit or creating mistrust in anyone.

Don’t Take Anything Personally: No one can make you feel.

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