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 TitleThe Maze Runner
 AuthorJames Dashner
 EditionNew York Times
SeriesThe Maze Runner
GenreThe novel, Young adult fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure fiction
Size4.1 MB
The Maze Runner pdf

The Maze Runner PDF Review

Today I have a review on the Maze Runner By James Dashner. The Maze Runner begins with Thomas who is 16 years old. He wakes up in an elevator and he has no memories. Whatever he doesn’t remember who is his family and about his past. He just knows that his name is Thomas. He understands that snow is snow and grass is grass but he has no memories associated with them.

When he is taken out of his elevator shaft by a bunch of other boys. He realizes that he is in a gigantic maze. The bunch of boys whom Thomas met, all have their language and community in the centre of the maze. They have houses and graveyards for people who have died.

The title Maze Runner comes from the fact that there are a group of boys that run the maze every day and try to map it to find a way out of course. Thomas comes along and decides that he wants to be a maze runner. However, every night, the entrance to their little section in the middle of the maze closes. They can’t stay outside of their little meadow their Glade because there is something called grievers out there which are disturbing machines.

This book does a unique plot I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I recommend you download the Maze PDF and enjoy the novel.

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