The Power Of Habit PDF By Charles Duhigg

PDF TitleThe Power of Habit – Book
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The Power Of Habit PDF

The Power Of Habit PDF has nine chapters, and it is around 300 pages book. If you are among somebody who wants to know how habits work, how habits work, how you can transform your bad habits into good ones, and how willpower works in creating good habits, then this book is definitely for you. The download link is given at the end of the article.

This book has incredible illustrations and excellent narrations that make this book very engaging. This book has talked about a crucial step called keystone habits which is the most integral part. We will talk about keystone habits later.

To help us understand the concept though the author has given multiple in this book, we will talk about Pepsodent and PNG, so before 1929 and 1930, there was no habit of brushing teeth and the credit for creating this habit and making this brand called Pepsodent. Claude Hopkins was the master of advertising, and he came with a lot of research, and a new concept called the cue and reward concept. Cue is an unwanted substance in your teeth, and when you brush, there is a reward called sparkling and beautiful teeth.

The Power Of Habit PDF

Let’s talk about keystone habits. Keystone habits are those habits that have the power to transform your life completely. Here the author has taken the example of the aluminum company of America. This company manufactures foil and metal. The company appointed the new CEO, and on the first day, he was supposed to give a speech. Everybody was expecting that he would give an introduction speech or talk about profits, but he only talks about one habit, “safety habit.”

This made everyone crazy. When later people asked him about that, he said that he couldn’t order people to change their habits, but he attacked one particular habit that would have ripple efforts.
Targeting one habit, which is the “safety habit,” had a lot of benefits to the company grew five times. The growth was exponential, and people became more productive. Here “Safety Habit” was a keystone habit for the organization and completely transformed the company’s look.

The book also talks about Starbucks and the habit of success.

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