The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Pdf

NameThe Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
AuthorDeepak Chopra
Publisher Harmony; Illustrated edition
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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Pdf

Deepak Chopra says that the purpose of the seven spiritual laws of success pdf is to introduce a more spiritual approach to affluence and wealth in our lives. We don’t think about spirituality regarding business, finances, and making money. But he says we need to introduce spirituality into that conversion, but that success is not monetary. Success is also about well-being, fulfilling relationships, emotional and psychological stability, and peace of mind.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

So let’s dive into seven laws of success.

The First Law is Pure Potentially

So the law of pure potential says that at our core, we are pure consciousness which is pure potentially. This is the source of our true essence, and we are not separate at any time or place from this potential.

He talks about the self that we show up as, determined by external circumstances and experiences about the ego, which is our social mask. The way we present ourselves and then the true self is spirit and who we are when no other things influence how we show up, how we exist, and how we are.

He talks about attention how attentions show up in pure consciousness. And when we are in a state of meditation, we can unleash our power of concentration by focusing our energy on whatever we want. This is a component of pure potentiality.

He also shares tips and strategies for tapping into your pure potential. These tips include sitting still and meditation once or twice a day, just in silence, focusing on your calm and thoughts. He also has to tap into nature, watch the sunset, listen to the wind, and practice non-judgment how often you pay attention to your ideas.

The Second Spiritual Law of Success is Law of Giving

Chopra says that the easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. If you wish blessings to flow in your life, you must be a blessing to the life of others.

The author shares that at our true essence, we lack nothing. We are abundant and affluent. So we never are afraid to give for fear that we will not receive because we already have everything we need.

He also shares tips on applying the law of giving into everyday lives. Chopra shares that whatever you go, you can be a blessing to the lives of others.

The Third Law is Karma or the Cause and Effect

The author shares that everything we are experiencing now results from choices we have made in the past. We are infinite choice makers and often get wrapped in conditions triggered by people and circumstances that ultimately influence our behavior.

He shares that when you are fully operating in the law of Karma or the cause and effect, you only see one choice: the right one. He calls spontaneous right actions when you make decisions to do the right things. This is because you know that the right things only affect you and your life, but it affects all others that will be influenced by the actions that you will make.

He also shares some tips for applying this law to everyday life. These tips include being aware of the choices that you are making. When you choose, ask yourself if you want to make this choice. What are the consequences of this choice for me and for those affected by it and listening to your intuition being still and willing to be patient so that you can get to the right choice before you make it?

Forth spiritual law of success is the law of Least Effort

He shares in a book a quote that reads an integral being knows without getting sees without looking and accomplishes without doing.

Another one by my teacher is following the path that is least resistant. What is often called a miracle is the law of least effort in the action’s nature intelligence happens effortlessly, frictionlessly, and spontaneously.

The Fifth Spiritual law is the law of Intention and Desire

The author shares that as humans, we can be aware of energy and information, and we can use this energy and information as tools to attract what we want in our lives.

The author shares that this change is brought above the two inherent qualities of consciousness, attention, and intention, while attention energizes and transforms sense.

The sixth law of spirituality is the law of detachment

The author shares that you have to release your attachment to it to acquire anything in the physical universe. That doesn’t mean letting go of the intention. Instead, let go of the need to have control over the outcomes. He shares that anything that you want to acquire in life can be achieved from detachment. This is because it is a genuine belief in oneself being enough.

The Seventh spiritual law is the law of dharma or purpose in life.

For reading this law, you need to download the seven spiritual laws of success in pdf form.

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