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NameThe Strangest Secret
AuthorEarl Nightingale
Publisher Merchant Books
Paperback44 pages
ISBN-13 978-1603865579
Best Sellers Rank #10,966 in Books
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The Strongest Secret PDF

The Strongest Secret PDF
 was written in 1965 but concepts are still relevant in today's world. The author defines success as the progressive realization of the worthy ideal. I really like this definition because it takes into account that success is something different for each of us. So whatever you consider being worthy pursuit if you are making progress towards it then you are becoming successful.
According to the author, we become what we think about as he sees it if you are constantly thinking in a negative term you are going to end up with negative results. But if you think in positive terms you"ll get positive results. If you have a concrete and worthy goal or mission in life you will steer your daily actions and decisions toward achieving it. If you don't the author believes you will be like a sheep without a crew wandering the sea with no direction. 
In this book, he lays a 30 days plan where he gives very specific steps to help you attain any goal or mission during these 30 days to think about something meaningful to you. As the author points out whatever you plan in mind and nurture you will reap. This book inspires you. I believe it is a great book to start you on the journey of making a positive transformation in life. Ideas are worthless unless we act on them.  Once you finish it let us know. 

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